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Dee Dame aka DJ Dee Dame

Dee Dame is an American Disc Jockey and Podcast host born and raised in Hollis Queens in New York City. in 2014 Dee created the "We So Classic" brand and started the website two years later, Dee, his cousin Lou Hall and Friend Prez, created the We So Classic Podcast. As a dj, dee dame specializes in classic hip hop and r&b. his motto is "classic music has no expiration date".

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Lou Hall

Known as "the young whipper snapper" i was born around the same time "she" was born. i was taught to study her and trained to be at her mercy. we became friends at first, then lovers. at the age of 14 we married and 15 we had our first child. from then on we've been inseparable. (wife=hip hop) (child=mc) = lou hall



Recess is an mc's lyricist, a classic hip hop head from the golden era. raised in queens, ny, recess was exposed to all elements of the culture. now he's an advocate for hip hop and the progression of the movement.






The elder statesman of the crew "prez" is a brooklyn kid fortunate enough to be raised by 80's and 90's hip hop. "the culture helped define the man i am today and for that i am grateful."